Aeroplan Introduces Fourth Night Free Hotel Offer for all Aeroplan Credit Cardholders

Aeroplan Introduces Fourth Night Free Hotel Offer for all Aeroplan Credit Cardholders

Aeroplan, the loyalty program associated with Air Canada, has announced a new promotion for all Aeroplan Credit Cardholders starting on September 13, 2023. This promotion offers a “Fourth Night Free” benefit for every four-night consecutive stay booked with Aeroplan points. This is a unique offer as it is the first loyalty program credit card to provide unlimited Fourth Night Free benefits to both Canadian and U.S. Credit Cardholders.

Key details of the promotion include:

  1. Unlimited Fourth Night Free Benefit:

    Aeroplan Credit Cardholders can enjoy a complimentary hotel night for every four-night consecutive stay booked using their Aeroplan points.
  2. Wide Range of Hotel Options:

    Cardholders have the flexibility to choose from hundreds of thousands of hotel stays, catering to various budget preferences. There are no caps or blackout dates, providing flexibility in redeeming free nights.
  3. Stackable Benefits:

    Cardholders can stack free nights when they book longer stays with points. For example, for a four-night consecutive stay, they only need to redeem points for three nights. This benefit extends to longer stays as well.
  4. Savings Calculation:

    The Fourth Night Free offer calculates savings based on the average points cost of all four nights, ensuring maximum value for cardholders.
  5. Previous Savings:

    Since the launch of HotelSavers in 2022, Aeroplan members have saved on over 140,000 nights booked with points. The Fourth Night Free offer further enhances these savings opportunities, allowing cardholders to multiply their points savings by up to 30% when booking at over 300,000 hotels, including HotelSavers properties.
  6. Aeroplan Credit Card Benefits:

    In addition to the Fourth Night Free promotion, having an Aeroplan Credit Card offers various benefits, including earning Aeroplan rewards for every dollar spent, preferred pricing on Air Canada flight rewards, free first checked bags, and more.
  7. Promotion Duration:

    The Fourth Night Free promotion is valid for eligible Aeroplan primary co-brand Cardholders and linked secondary Cardholders, including those in the United States. The promotion runs from September 13, 2023, to December 31, 2024, 12:00 EST, with the ability to book stays for dates after 2024.

For more information and details on how to take advantage of this promotion, you can visit

Aeroplan’s Credit Cards are issued by various financial institutions, including TD, American Express, and CIBC in Canada, and Chase in the United States.

About Air Canada: Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline and a member of Star Alliance, offering scheduled services to over 180 airports worldwide. Air Canada operates with a commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and provides various travel services through its Aeroplan Credit program, including rewards from a wide partner network. The airline’s shares are publicly traded on the TSX in Canada and the OTCQX in the US.

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