9 Must-Try Free Activities in Toronto!

9 Must-Try Free Activities in Toronto!

Discover Toronto on a budget with our guide! Explore museums, parks, street art, and more for free. Get to know your new city!

So, you’ve just moved to the bustling city of Toronto, a new country, and your life is a whirlwind of job hunting, house-hunting, paperwork, and more. But amid all this hustle and bustle, are you taking the time to get to know your new home? Toronto is a city brimming with culture, history, and countless free Activities in Toronto waiting to be explored. This article will guide you through nine fantastic ways to discover Toronto without breaking the bank.

1. Unlocking the Treasures: Toronto’s Museums

Toronto's Museums

Toronto boasts some of Canada’s finest museums and galleries, including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. But did you know you can access these cultural gems for free? Head to your local Toronto Public Library, join and take advantage of the Museum + Arts Pass.

2. Walking Tours: Step into Toronto’s Neighborhoods

Toronto's Neighborhoods

Explore the diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto on foot with free walking tours. Join knowledgeable guides from the Tour Guys, participate in the volunteer-led Jane’s Walks, delve into architectural and historical insights on ROM Walks, or explore the city’s hidden gems through the city council’s TAP into TO program.

3. Embracing Winter: Toronto’s Frosty Adventures

Toronto's Frosty Adventures

Don’t let the cold weather deter you. Toronto offers a plethora of free winter activities. Lace up your ice skates and hit the city’s open skating rinks. Stroll along the waterfront to admire stunning ice sculptures and frozen Lake Ontario. Marvel at locals playing ice hockey on frozen ponds.

4. High Park: A Natural Haven in the City

High Park

With over 1,500 parks in Toronto, High Park stands out as the largest and most captivating. High Park offers something for everyone year-round, whether you’re picnicking, skating on Grenadier Pond, or enjoying the cherry blossoms in spring.

5. Behind Closed Doors: Doors Open Toronto

Doors Open Toronto

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in Toronto’s landmarks? Doors Open Toronto, held in late May, grants you rare access to over 150 significant buildings and sites across the city. Explore hidden worlds like a mountain of raw sugar or where Toronto’s subway trains rest at night.

6. Activities in Toronto: Discovering Toronto’s Ravines

Discovering Toronto's Ravines

Toronto isn’t just a concrete jungle; it’s intertwined with a network of ravines that transport you into nature. Escape the city’s hustle by biking along the Beltline Trail, a nine-kilometer cycling and walking trail on a former railway line.

7. Toronto’s Hidden Beaches

Toronto's Hidden Beaches

Toronto might not be the first place you think of when it comes to beaches, but it’s home to several. From Cherry Beach to the scenic Scarborough Bluffs, plenty of sandy shores exist to explore. You can even ferry to the Toronto Islands for a unique beach experience.

8. Graffiti Art: Toronto’s Urban Canvas

Toronto's Urban Canvas

Delve into Toronto’s street art scene with visits to Graffiti Alley and local murals. Even if you’re not a graffiti enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the creativity on display. While exploring, check out West Queen West, a hip neighbourhood filled with independent shops and hidden galleries.

9. Activities in Toronto: Volunteer and Experience Toronto’s Festivals

10 Must-Do Activities in Canada (4)

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in Toronto’s culture and make new friends is by volunteering at festivals. World-renowned events like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Just For Laughs Toronto Comedy Festival rely on volunteers. Sign up and enjoy the perks of free films, concerts, and shows while gaining valuable experience.

FAQs on Activities in Toronto

Q: Are these activities suitable for newcomers to Toronto?

A: Absolutely! These activities are perfect for newcomers looking to explore Toronto on a budget.

Q: Can I participate in Doors Open Toronto if I’m not a resident?

A: Yes, Doors Open Toronto is open to everyone, regardless of residency.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the free skating rinks during the winter?

A: The free skating rinks are open to the public, and you can either bring your skates or rent them on-site.

Q: Is Graffiti Alley safe to visit, especially at night?

A: Graffiti Alley is generally safe, but visiting during daylight hours is advisable to fully appreciate the art and avoid potential safety concerns.

Q: Can I volunteer at festivals even if I’m new to the city?

A: Absolutely! Volunteering at festivals is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in Toronto’s culture and make new friends.

Q: Are there any other free attractions in Toronto worth mentioning?

A: Toronto also offers free concerts, public art installations, and outdoor markets worth exploring.


Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, but taking the time to explore and get to know your new surroundings is essential. With its diverse neighbourhoods, cultural attractions, and natural beauty, Toronto offers numerous free activities that will help you connect with your new home. So, don’t let the hustle and bustle of settling in keep you from discovering the treasures Toronto offers. Start your adventure today!

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