8 Best Baked Treats in Toronto

Best Baked Treats in Toronto

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the 8 best baked treats in Toronto. This mouthwatering guide highlights the city’s top bakeries serving up everything from flaky croissants and gooey cinnamon rolls to decadent cakes and tarts that will make you swoon.

Toronto’s array of baked treats is a testament to the city’s diverse culinary talents, offering a delightful journey through sweet, cream-capped wonders and crisp, buttery indulgences. From neighborhood bakeries to bustling cafe spots, Toronto’s best bakers masterfully craft a variety of baked goods that are almost impossible to resist. Utilizing fresh, quality ingredients, these culinary artists create a range of treats from simple pleasures to complex, exquisite confections. Whether you’re after a quick bite or an elaborate treat to savor, Toronto’s baked offerings ensure every crumb is a taste of joy. Join us as we explore the best-baked treats that Toronto has to offer, perfect for any season and occasion.

Best Baked Treats in Toronto

1.    Roselle Desserts

Roselle Desserts, a tiny yet renowned French fusion patisserie located at 362 King St. East in Toronto, specializes in scratch-made cookies, soft serve, and an assortment of baked delights. Named after a crepe spreader to highlight their initial focus on crepes, the bakery stands out not just for its products but also for its clear, minimalist baking space adorned with the motto “Dessert makes you happy.

 Roselle Desserts

The bakery offers a variety of exquisitely crafted desserts. For example, the Madeleines, priced at $2.50, are simple yet flawlessly made, featuring a fluffy inside and a crispy shell. More intricate creations include The Earl, a dessert that layers crispy feuilletine with bergamot crèmeux, milk chocolate mousse, and a vanilla sponge, all infused with Earl Grey, priced at $8.

   Roselle Desserts

Roselle’s soft serve ice cream, which costs $5, is particularly famous. Made in-house, it’s available in rotating limited edition flavors such as strawberries and cream and a popular Earl Grey variety. Customers have the option to enhance their soft serve with a tailored combination of toppings for an additional 50 cents, perfectly complementing the chosen flavor. The design elements throughout the store, including tote bags and menus, feature the distinctive illustrations by Ginny Chen, contributing to the bakery’s unique brand identity.

Location: Roselle Desserts

Contact: +14163688188

2.    SanRemo Bakery

For over four decades, SanRemo Bakery has been a fixture in Etobicoke, situated at 374 Royal York Road. It’s renowned not only for its freshly baked breads and pastries, but also for its Italian groceries, hot tables, and an espresso bar, ensuring it’s always bustling with customers. The Bozzo siblings, Robert, Edward, and Nick, have been managing the establishment for 25 yesars, continuing a legacy started by their father and uncles in 1969.

SanRemo Bakery

Childhood memories of sleeping under tables and wearing flour bags as Halloween costumes reflect the deep roots the Bozzo family has in SanRemo Bakery, which they have modernized through two renovations in the past five years. SanRemo adapts to current trends while maintaining its tradition, evidenced by their variety of offerings including popular donuts available in flavors like chocolate and apple fritter, and their unique donut panini filled with gelato and topped with Nutella.

SanRemo Bakery

The shop features an extensive bakery counter with tempting desserts such as strawberry shortcake, cannoli, and cupcakes, alongside a selection of fresh breads. Its Italian hot table is particularly popular around lunchtime, offering hearty meals like a veal sandwich with Greek salad for $10.50. At the front, an espresso bar serves coffee and gelato, adjacent to a small grocery section. Their commitment to excellence is guided by their father’s advice to put love into everything they do, a principle that keeps SanRemo Bakery beloved by its patrons.

Location: SanRemo Bakery

Contact: +14162552808

3.    Lamanna’s Bakery

Lamanna’s Bakery, located at 6758 Kingston Road in Scarborough, is renowned for blending the traditional Sicilian flavors with visually stunning dishes that are perfect for social media showcases. This family-operated bakery has become a local favorite in the shopping plaza, particularly famous for its enormous pizza slices and classic Italian dishes like homemade lasagna and ricotta-stuffed cannolis, drawing crowds for over 17 years.

Lamanna's Bakery

The bakery is run by the Lamanna brothers—Joe, Lorenzo, and Dave—who started the business with their parents, Peter and Rosa, who emigrated to Canada in the 1960s and have been in the bakery business all their lives. The bakery is famous for its large pizzas, especially the 21-inch round and the signature big slice, which requires careful preparation to achieve its massive triangular shape. The big slice variants include the pepperoni, which is the most economical option at just under $30 and includes around 60 pieces of pepperoni.

Lamanna's Bakery

Lamanna’s also offers a unique range of pizza toppings and dessert slices. For example, the pancake, bacon, and maple syrup covered slice was featured in People magazine. Other extravagant options include the grilled cheese slice, topped with 14 half sandwiches, and dessert slices like the Nutella slice, which is decorated with the bakery’s signature cookies. The bakery provides a broad array of other Italian culinary delights, including a substantial meat lasagna and arancini, alongside an assortment of gelato flavors and a coffee station serving custom roasted beans for a perfect espresso.

Location: Lamanna’s Bakery

Contact: +14162872020

4.    Circles and Squares

Circles and Squares has established itself as a key player in Toronto’s wholesale bakery sector and now enjoys remarkable success in its retail space, especially on weekends. Since clinching the title of Ontario’s best butter tart, the bakery has become a hotspot in Scarborough’s Golden Mile area. Executive Pastry Chef Lindsay Haddock described the transition to retail as a natural progression, reflecting a long-standing desire to open a café, spurred by customer inquiries over 15 years and experiences with home deliveries and market pop-ups during lockdowns.

Circles and Squares

The bakery is well-known for its inventive monthly menu updates, particularly the top-selling cruffins, which featured Lemon Meringue and Strawberry Rhubarb during our visit. With three to four baking rounds during business hours, the bakery ensures that their display cases are never empty, selling over a hundred cruffins in a single day. Other unique offerings include the Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Stuffed Croissant and the Asparagus & Prosciutto Brioche Bun, which are popular among customers for their rich, flavorful fillings.

  Circles and Squares

Additionally, Circles and Squares offers an enticing range of foods like the Pepperoni & Hot Honey Pizza Bread served on airy focaccia, and weekend specials such as the Brown Butter Cinnamon Buns. Their new soft serve ice cream, available only on weekends, includes a seasonal strawberry flavor served in a house-made waffle cone. The bakery, run by a passionate team of women, has become a community staple where families gather, particularly around the fire pit during fall or for picnics on the lawn in warmer months.

Location: Circles and Squares

Contact: +14165341511

5.    Bobbette & Belle

Originally established as a studio catering to couples with wedding cakes and reception favors, Bobbette & Belle has since transitioned into a retail location in Leslieville. The transition has been well-received, as evidenced by the establishment’s regular clientele. Patrons are often greeted by a display of stunning cakes and a selection of delicious tarts and scones, with the hospitable presence of owners Sarah Bell and Allyson Meredith adding to the charm.

  Bobbette & Belle

Sarah and Allyson have made a significant mark in the wedding industry, winning accolades such as the Canadian Wedding Industry Award for Allyson’s cake designs. The expansion into retail was driven by customer demand for individual orders, which they now accommodate. The shop itself offers a unique ambiance that blends artistic flair with a cozy feel, where the art of pastry is both admired and enjoyed as part of a relaxed, communal setting.

The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends to their product offerings, which include everything from homemade marshmallows to uniquely flavored cupcakes. Their approach to flavors is traditional yet innovative, ensuring they provide a comforting yet distinct taste experience. This ethos is carried over into their weekend offerings of French baguette sandwiches and their celebrated scones, making every visit a memorable event.

Location: Bobbette & Belle

Contact: +14164668800

6.    Emmer

Emmer, an artisanal bakery located at 161 Harbord Street, captivates both the sweet and savory palate with a dynamic selection of baked goods. From variously crafted croissants to hearty breakfast sandwiches, the bakery keeps its offerings fresh and plentiful. Owned by Philip Haddad, a part-time dentist and avid baker, and jewelry maker Mark Lash, the bakery has built a reputation for its exceptional sourdough bread, which Haddad has been perfecting since 2018 through social media.


The bakery operates rain or shine, drawing lines of eager customers every morning. While early birds catch freshly baked sourdough loaves, those arriving later can enjoy items like ham and cheese baguettes and twice-baked brioche. The bakery maintains a continuous production throughout the day, ensuring there are always new delights to discover, including standout pistachio and almond twice-baked croissants.


In addition to its baked goods, Emmer offers a savory selection of homemade sausage rolls, smoked ham and cheese croissants, and various egg brioches available until mid-morning when they switch to deli-style lunch sandwiches. For those needing a caffeine boost, the bakery serves espresso-based drinks, prepared with a Wega coffee machine. Emmer has quickly become a neighborhood staple, always promising something new and delicious to its patrons.

Location: Emmer

Contact: +14169221626

7.    Le Gourmand

Located at the bustling corner of Queen and Spadina, Le Gourmand Cafe delights its regulars comprising local condo dwellers and office workers with an array of baked treats, including some of Toronto’s finest cookies. Customers, some loyal for over a decade, are particularly fond of the menu, and any changes tend to be met with resistance. The cafe is spacious and well-lit, providing ample room and a comfortable setting, though it is noted that it could benefit from more accessible outlets for those wishing to use laptops.

  Le Gourmand

During weekdays, Le Gourmand’s pastry display is abundant with temptations such as financiers, custard tarts, cookies, and croissants. Highlights include their caramelized inverted puff pastries filled with lemon pastry cream, and their exceptional cookies, particularly the walnut and chocolate chip variety, which are praised for their perfect blend of crunchy nuts and melty chocolate. Their exclusive “Black Gold” coffee blend adds to the allure, making it a popular choice among patrons.

  Le Gourmand

Aside from sweets, Le Gourmand offers a variety of robust bistro-style sandwiches, featuring ingredients like poached salmon and curry chicken. A standout is the roasted vegetable sandwich with arugula pesto and spicy antipasto on Fred’s Bread, enhanced by melty brie. The side offerings, like the zingy butternut squash soup, complement the sandwiches well. For a lighter option, there’s a fruit salad with yogurt and granola. The cafe’s design facilitates easy navigation, allowing customers to efficiently get their coffee and treats in a setting that exudes a true Toronto vibe.

Location: Le Gourmand

Contact: +14168662127

8.    La Bastille Boulangerie Patisserie

La Bastille Boulangerie Patisserie, located at 760 Birchmount Rd, Unit 33, skillfully combines French pastry techniques with a North American twist. Under the guidance of chef Martial Ribreau, a Paris-trained pastry chef, the bakery has become a staple in Scarborough for those seeking authentic French baked goods. The spacious kitchen allows for a large team of bakers, making the establishment a significant player in the local bakery scene.

La Bastille Boulangerie Patisserie

Chef Ribreau’s expertise is showcased in La Bastille’s extensive menu, which features traditional French viennoiseries like buttery, light croissants at $3.25 each and a spinach and feta variant for $4.25. Seasonal treats like yule logs are available during festive times, while other offerings, such as the fruit danishes and the uniquely challenging-to-pronounce kouign-amann at $3.75, add variety to the selection. The kouign-amann, known for its sugary, layered texture, is particularly popular, with its interesting name piquing customer curiosity.

 La Bastille Boulangerie Patisserie

Additionally, the bakery serves up a range of other pastries including beignets, both plain and jelly-filled, and the innovative ‘cruffin’, a croissant-muffin hybrid topped with Nutella and nuts. Desserts like the meticulously layered tiramisu and various fruit tarts, including the visually appealing apricot almond tart, round out the menu. La Bastille’s approach to blending meticulous French baking with appealing modern twists ensures that each visit is both a visual and gastronomic delight.

Location: La Bastille Boulangerie Patisserie

Contact: +14162855285


Toronto’s baked treats scene is a vibrant testament to the city’s love for all things sweet and indulgent. As we’ve explored, from the flaky layers of a perfect croissant to the rich, decadent squares of butter tarts, each bakery in Toronto offers something uniquely delightful. These establishments are not just places to eat; they are corners of comfort, creativity, and community, celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re indulging in a nostalgic trip down memory lane with traditional recipes or experimenting with avant-garde flavors, Toronto’s bakeries make every bite an occasion. So, next time you’re in the city, let your taste buds lead the way to some of the best-baked treats in Toronto—where every morsel promises a story as sweet as the treats themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some must-try Bakeries in Toronto for unique pastries?

For unique pastries, you should not miss visiting places like Roselle for its delicate desserts and French-inspired treats, or Circles and Squares for their renowned butter tarts and innovative pastries like cruffins.

Where can I find the best croissants in Toronto?

For the best croissants, head to the cozy Harbord Village bakery, where the croissants come in a variety of flavors including classic butter, pistachio, and peach maple pecan. Each one promises flakiness and rich flavor, perfect for a morning treat.

Are there any bakeries that combine different cultural influences in their baked goods?

Yes, in East York, there’s a pastry shop that blends classic French techniques with Japanese flavors, offering treats like yuzu-flavored cakes and lychee-infused pastries. This fusion results in a delightful array of flavors that are both familiar and exotic.

Which bakery is known for the best seasonal treats?

A Corktown spot is renowned for its seasonal offerings, with a rotating menu that includes eclairs, tarts, and ice creams, tailored to the time of year. Their seasonal approach ensures there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Can I find good vegan or gluten-free options among Toronto’s best bakeries?

Absolutely, many bakeries in Toronto cater to dietary restrictions with delicious options. For vegan and gluten-free treats, look for bakeries that specialize in or clearly mark these options. Some spots are dedicated entirely to allergen-friendly baking, ensuring everyone can enjoy a sweet treat without worry.

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