10 best new cheap Eats in Toronto

The best new cheap eats in Toronto

Dive into Toronto’s budget-friendly culinary scene with our guide to the best new cheap eats around the city. Featuring everything from halal gourmet burgers to authentic Mexican tacos, find your next favorite meal spot here.

Toronto’s dining scene continues to thrive with an array of new budget-friendly eateries, making high-quality food accessible without breaking the bank. From Kensington Market’s towering gourmet burgers at Ozzy’s to the unique solitary dining experience at Yunnan Noodle Shack, this guide explores diverse culinary offerings. Whether it’s savoring the city’s best fried chicken sandwich at PG Clucks or indulging in authentic Mexican tacos at Gus Tacos, these spots promise great flavors and even greater value, perfect for any casual outing or cheap date night.

1.    Taqueria el Pastorcito

Taqueria el Pastorcito in Toronto is a lively spot for those who crave authentic Mexican street food like spit-grilled pork and burritos, set in a vibrant ambiance filled with Latin tunes. Managed by Carlos Gutierrez, this family-owned restaurant draws from their roots in central Mexico, offering a menu that includes not only tacos but also burritos, quesadillas, and more, all crafted from traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients.

 Taqueria el Pastorcito

The restaurant’s flagship dish, tacos al pastor, is a favorite among patrons, featuring marinated meat expertly cooked and served on corn tortillas with fresh herbs and spices. Their extensive menu also boasts homemade chorizo, sirloin, and unique options like beef tongue, catering to varied tastes with each dish enhanced by house-made salsas and marinated vegetables, allowing for personalized flavor tweaking.

 Taqueria el Pastorcito

Additionally, Taqueria el Pastorcito offers a range of homemade beverages like Agua de Jamaica and Horchata, and desserts such as Flan and Tres Leches Cake. The restaurant’s friendly atmosphere, coupled with its dedication to authentic, quality meals, makes it a culinary highlight in Toronto, especially popular for its tacos which are considered among the best in the city.

Location: Taqueria el Pastorcito

Contact: +14372990139

2.    Yunnan Noodle Shack

Yunnan Noodle Shack in Toronto offers a distinctive dining concept inspired by solitary dining experiences popular in Japan. This eatery, managed by Jane Yu and Andy Su, provides a unique personal space for diners with private booths, facilitating a reflective and individual dining experience. Specializing in Yunnan cuisine from China’s “Spring City,” the restaurant serves a variety of dishes rich in truffles and chili, including pork-bone broth soup noodles, dry noodles, and specialties like Crispy Honey Blood Cake.

   Yunnan Noodle Shack

Designed with careful attention to detail, Yunnan Noodle Shack ensures a sensory experience from the moment of entry, greeted by a bell’s chime and the scent of incense. The interior layout supports solo and group dining with adjustable privacy panels. The establishment prioritizes a journey of self-discovery through culinary flavors, encouraging diners to contemplate the food’s taste and texture in a contemplative setting.

 Yunnan Noodle Shack

Emphasizing authentic ingredients and cooking methods, the menu at Yunnan Noodle Shack reflects the diverse flavors of Kunming, Yunnan. Offerings include chewy noodles topped with diverse textures like tofu and pork, and side dishes that complement the main courses, such as pickled vegetables and pan-fried eggs. This restaurant provides a peaceful escape in the heart of Toronto, combining culinary expertise with a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Location: Yunnan Noodle Shack

Contact: +14165984300

3.    Sleepy Pete’s

Sleepy Pete’s, located in Toronto’s Kensington Market, offers a breakfast and lunch menu that includes sandwiches with a unique twist. The restaurant, a new venture by the team behind Seven Lives, features seating that accommodates both the bustling market crowd and those looking for a slower, more personal dining experience. Among their signature offerings are the egg & chicken sausage breakfast sandwich and the sweet and savory Monte Cristo, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

Sleepy Pete's

Chilliy Pepper Tacos, located at 176 Dupont Street in Toronto’s Annex, is known for its delectable and affordable Mexican fare. The restaurant specializes in homemade tortillas filled with options like tacos, burritos, and tortas. In addition to their food menu, they also serve beer onsite and offer delivery services, catering to a variety of dining preferences.

Location: Sleepy Pete’s

Contact: Contact On Instagram

4.    Juicy Dumpling

For those who want great value without sacrificing quality, Juicy Dumpling in Dragon City Mall is a top choice. This bustling fast-food outlet in Chinatown, renowned for its soup dumplings, or xiaolongbaos, stands out even in a neighborhood known for economical dining options. Due to its success, they’ve expanded with a second location in midtown.

Juicy Dumpling

The menu offers affordable delights such as steamed soup dumplings for $5, pan-fried green onion pancakes for $9, and shrimp wonton soup for $13. Just remember, the name “Juicy Dumpling” isn’t just catchy; it’s a warning. Come prepared with plenty of napkins and wear something you won’t mind getting a little messy.

Location: Juicy Dumpling

Contact: +14164892068

5.    Gus Tacos

The path to joy might simply lie in savoring a taco, as Gus Tacos suggests, where two tacos cost just $5. Available across multiple locations including Parkdale, Dupont, and Kensington, these tacos are made with handmade tortillas filled with options like carne asada and barbacoa, garnished with cilantro and onion. Each order also includes lime wedges and a range of salsa from mild to spicy, allowing you to tailor the flavor to your taste.

Gus Tacos

Location: Gus Tacos

Contact: +14169778226

6.    Sang-Ji Fried Bao

Originally a small takeout counter on Byng Avenue, Sang-Ji Fried Bao moved to a larger venue on Yonge Street at the close of 2021. Now with more seating, guests can comfortably enjoy their meals. You can purchase four of their signature crispy fried bao for under $10. To best enjoy them, puncture a hole to sip the savory broth before devouring the rest.

Sang-Ji Fried Bao

Location: Sang-Ji Fried Bao

Contact: +16473469199

7.    Seven Lives

For over a decade, Seven Lives has been serving up generously filled tacos in Kensington Market, known for its affordable dining options. Each taco, priced under $10, includes varieties like the Pulpo a la Mexicana with grilled octopus and the famous Gobernador with smoked blue marlin and shrimp. There are also non-seafood choices available. If seating is scarce, Bellevue Square Park is a nearby spot to enjoy your meal.

Seven Lives

Location: Seven Lives

Contact: Click Here

8.    PG Clucks

PG Clucks boasts arguably the best fried chicken sandwich in the city, with each hearty sandwich costing under $15. Featuring crispy chicken, abundant toppings, and a soft bun, these large sandwiches are a challenge to finish. For those with bigger appetites, there are sides available, and you can opt for a combo for under $20. The College Street location offers only takeout, while the Queen Street location has limited counter seating. Ordering via their website and planning to eat elsewhere is recommended.

 PG Clucks

Location: PG Clucks

Contact: +14165398224

9.    Ozzy’s Burgers

Among Toronto’s array of burger spots, Ozzy’s in Kensington stands out with its towering gourmet burgers priced at about $13 each. These substantial offerings are loaded with six ounces of prime beef, melted cheese, and unique toppings like chicken wings and tenders. All meats at Ozzy’s are halal-certified, and the menu also includes several vegan and vegetarian options.

Ozzy’s Burgers

Location: Ozzy’s Burgers

Contact: +14168627983

10. Bar Poet

Bar Poet, adorned with faux trees and string lights, creates the ambiance of a charming courtyard and stands out as a top pick for an affordable date spot. Begin with budget-friendly appetizers like bruschetta or arancini, then share a large $20 pizza. While cocktails may be pricier, opting for beer or wine on tap can help keep your expenses in check.

Bar Poet

Location: Bar Poet

Contact: +16473401090


As Toronto’s food landscape evolves, the rise of affordable dining options ensures that everyone can enjoy a taste of culinary innovation without spending a fortune. From hearty, gourmet burgers to exquisitely crafted dumplings and inventive tacos, these new cheap eats highlight the city’s ability to offer diverse and delightful meals on a budget. Whether you’re out for a solo meal or a cozy date night, Toronto’s latest budget-friendly eateries promise satisfaction for both the palate and the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the best new cheap eats in Toronto?

Toronto boasts a variety of new budget-friendly eateries such as Ozzy’s for gourmet burgers, PG Clucks for fried chicken sandwiches, and Gus Tacos for authentic tacos, all offering great value and delicious food.

Where can I find a good budget-friendly date spot in Toronto?

Bar Poet is a popular choice for an affordable date spot in Toronto, featuring an ambiance that mimics a quaint courtyard and offers reasonably priced food and drink options.

Are there any new eateries offering unique dining experiences in Toronto?

Yes, Yunnan Noodle Shack offers a unique dining experience with private booths and a menu inspired by Yunnan cuisine, emphasizing individual culinary exploration.

Can I find halal food among the new cheap eats in Toronto?

Ozzy’s in Kensington Market offers a menu with all halal meats, providing a variety of gourmet burgers that cater to halal dietary requirements.

What options are available for vegetarians at these new budget-friendly eateries?

Several new eateries offer vegetarian options, such as Ozzy’s with its vegan and vegetarian burger choices and Yunnan Noodle Shack’s menu, which includes items suitable for vegetarians.

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